Monday, July 07, 2008

Try, Try Again

So in May I worked on losing weight. I was pretty dedicated to my goal for maybe two whole weeks, not so much for the last two weeks. Still, I did lose weight. Around 7 pounds, I think. Which was a good thing, because all it took was one trip to my mom's house for me to gain every bit of it back. Nice.

Although I know that I could go all kamikaze and make weight loss my huge focus for a few months, and could probably get rid of a lot of my extra baggage, I know that isn't sustainable. I really want to find something that fits into my life in a realistic way, so that I can continue with it. I'm pretty sure that I don't have the time or dedication to get back to looking like I did when I was 19, but I'd like to see where I could get with what I can do.

So now here we are in July. Time to try to rev myself up again. My challenge to myself is to simply do SOMETHING exercise-wise every day. I have Leslie Sansone walking DVDs, Joyce Vedral weight workouts, aerobics videos, a rebounder and a rebounder workout video--all of which I actually enjoy, can do, and have all of the equipment for. I am hoping that if I can just pick one and do it each day, that I will see some good results. (couldn't be worse than doing nothing, right?)

Today I did a 2 mile walk that included some cross training with Leslie Sansone. it was my first time using this video. I didn't really like how it changed from the walking to the weights, so I probably won't do this one again. (netflix has a bazillion Leslie Sansone DVDs, so I just keep sending for new ones)

What works for you?


Katy said...

I sometimes have used the walking videos because they are non jarring and are great for cardio. This past week I just started getting up and walking though. I "power walk" for about 30-40 minutes around the neighborhood. The birds are singing and no one is out yet. I love it.

Alana said...

Going for walks and going to Weight Watchers is what's working for me.

Also, owning a digital scale that measures tenths of pounds if helpful: I weigh every single morning, and I can actually see daily progress of about .4 pounds (often more) and this, for me, is very very motivating.

Dollymama said...

Thanks Alana! I do have a scale that gives tenths. I weight myself most mornings, right after going to the bathroom, before eating breakfast. When I'm making efforts, I usually do see little bits of decrease most days. :)