Sunday, July 13, 2008


One of the things I've been doing to try to entice myself to exercise is to get various workout DVDs from netflix. After watching an episode of Dance Machine and seeing a guy in his 60s do some pretty sweet hip hop (he said he learned how to do it from his Hip Hop Aerobics classes) I decided to try it myself. I ordered up a dance aerobics DVD, and yesterday was the day to pop it into the player and give it a try. I even invited my husband to join me. He has trouble following the very simple routines in the Leslie Sansone walking workouts, so I figured it would be entertaining to watch him try to do dance aerobics.

I wasn't disappointed.

Not only was my husband having a hard time following the fast pace of the routine, but I felt like a very uncoordinated dork myself. I used to think I had some moves, but the African dance aerobics showed me otherwise.

The good part about this is that not only did we get exercise (I figured that even if we were doing the moves wrong, as long as we kept moving that was good) but we also got the added health benefits from laughing our heads off.

And then I put that stinkin DVD back in it's envelope. Heading back to netflix tomorrow, thank you very much. I now know that I would like to stick with Leslie Sansone instead. She doesn't make me feel like an idiot.

Happily, today's weigh-in showed that I have lost a few pounds in the past several weeks. Hooray for that!


SiouxsieQ said...

You go, girl!

Corrie said...

LOL! That sounds like fun. I will have to get that from Netflix!

I am working on getting back into shape, too.

I love your blog. I came here via TW but I remember coming here a while back and loving it.