Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Long Time No Nuthin

I feel bad--I've basically abandoned this blog! I'm so busy every day working on my businesses that all I would have to say each day is the same thing I said the day before. "Worked hard--more to do."

Things are going well. I am continuing to make improvements on the baby boutique and am trying to add content to my blog over there daily. I guess I have worked myself into a job that will never end.

We're expecting my husband's parents for Thanksgiving next week so I have all the house stuff to do.

We have a mouse about the house, so now I have to try to lessen the appeal of our home, AKA Mouse Paradise, what with all the crumbs, cereal bits, and other goodies all over the place. Good times.

Boring post. Sorry. Goodbye.

1 comment:

christianwife said...

Don't worry...I know just how you feel! Between planning a move and having pregnancy related migraines...I don't write very often any more either. :)