Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Trials and Tribulations of Getting Out The Door To Church

Attempting to go to our regular church this morning.  Already have been faced with:

--"I can't find a shirt and my brother is being too bratty to let me borrow one of his."  (from the child that can't seem to get the hang of washing his laundry when he's out of clean, seasonally-appropriate clothes)

--"I don't have any other pants to wear, except these here with the hole across the knee."  (Apparently we are castaways)

--"I'm stinky and need a too-long bath."  (from the kid who never wants to take a bath, but this morning decides he must)

--"Ninnies!"  (said by me, to children who are behaving as if they have never had to gird up their loins and leave this homestead before)

--The Barrette That Won't Stay Clipped, plus The Hair That Doesn't Look Nice  (from the woman who stayed up past midnight in order to *do* her hair so it would look decent in the morning so she could be ready to leave without a fuss about hair.  Now, Plan B does not want to cooperate.  Of course.)

I can tell you that none of this would be an issue if we were staying home.

But, alas.....9 minutes til departure.....

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