Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Many Varied Wishes

As I've recently had some time to spend on my various business ventures, I've been reminded of how much I enjoy it.  Like so many things in my world, when I'm *into* something, I'm really into it, and when I'm not, I'm not.  (As in, sometimes I can barely remember why I was ever doing that other thing in the first place.)  Stuff that is on my front burner is often really important to me and making me happy in some way.  And stuff that is on the back burner?  I don't even remember to look.

So, good news!  I like what I do.

Here's the catch: I like to do lots of things.

Tonite we picked a laundry basket-full of June apples.  They are sitting in my kitchen now, smelling lovely, politely waiting to be turned into applesauce and juice.  Maybe tomorrow, I think to myself.  Though I didn't get any business work done today, so how can I let tomorrow go, too?

My mom tells me that there are zillions of wild blackberries all along the creek at her house, almost ready to be picked.  While blackberries are not my very favorite, how could I turn down the opportunity for FREE, ORGANIC berries of any sort?!  I can't.  That's what.  So I have no idea when I actually have time for this, but someday soon we are going to get our Snake Boots* on, gather up our buckets, and go get us some berries!

Some days I feel like I could happily spend my time baking, picking apples, freezing and canning food, and staying otherwise occupied in home and hearth activities.

Other days I feel like I want to go back to using Sonlight and reading books to my kids every day.  (and while away from CC I have a hard time remember what I love about it.  Thankfully I *can* remember that I do think it is a great program, and have decided to just stop arguing with myself about it since we're all paid up for the coming year and that's what we'll be doing. Right now I feel like I will be going through the school year with a critical eye of evaluation on everything, cataloging it away for future decision making.)

I'd like to curl up with some good books and have days and days and weeks and weeks to read.  I'd stay in my bathroom and never wear a bra.

I'd like to stay up late, take liberal naps, and sleep in every day til whenever I wake up.  I'd like to have the freedom to completely screw up my sleep schedule, never need to make my hair look presentable, and rarely leave the house.  I have an eccentric hermit fantasy inside of me, yes I do.  Maybe one day.....

*why Snake Boots?  Because they don't call it Copper Creek for nothing!
**Am I scared of the snakes?  Yes.  But I think if we mow the area first, watch where we're stepping, and bang around some sticks or something, we should be ok.
***I am becoming concerned that we might be risking our lives for berries.  Which seems stupid.  (How much are the organic berries at Trader Joe's???)
****Now I am re-thinking the entire venture.  Hmmm.......Doesn't really seem worth it, does it?  Assessing risk vs. benefit....

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