Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yes. Yes. It CAN get worse!

Still so sign of the recovery disc. And it's not available online. However, if I want to pay $20 and wait 2-3 weeks, I can have one sent to me. Isn't THAT just great?

Today's technological nightmare included having my husband's laptop (that he was kind enough to leave here for me) lock up and not work for the whole day, until maybe an hour ago when I figured out a way to fix it. (Had to uninstall the printer that I installed this morning. So now I can't print postage from home. Will now need to take orders to the PO every day...but at least so far there have been orders) My son's computer doesn't like me and wouldn't work at all today. So in order to carry on with business stuff I did it all via the library's computer, in 10 minutes of time that I had while my son took his driver's permit test. (he passed! Now my kid can drive!)

Thankfully, there have still been some orders, but filling them will continue to be tricky, what with having to do everything the s-l-o-w way.

To add fuel to the fire, we got some lab results back about the health of our poor rescue dog Marlee. She has:

kidney disease
liver disease
pancreas disease
muscle wasting disease or just significant muscle wasting because of being malnourished
and, finally, a bladder infection.

No wonder the poor girl is none too perky.

So, another $70 to the vet for three medications, and now I can look forward to more of the same as long as she lives. It would sure be nice if my businesses could get back up and running so that I could afford this! Because expensive, sick, elderly, deaf dogs are kind of outside the realm of our usual budget.

And, to add insult to injury....I accidentally bought maxi pads WITHOUT wings the other night. This did not make me happy. Wings are quite important to me, you see.

Those are just the highlights. (or would that be low lights?)


SiouxsieQ said...

sell 'em on ebay. someone will want the ones without wings.

Alana said...

I think if it were my dog, she'd be going to doggy heaven very soon.

Touchy subject, I know.

Hope your computer woes get fixed soon.

Dollymama said...

Yes, I can see the ebay listing now. "Partial package of Always extra long maxi pads WITHOUT wings." It could end up being one of those wildly popular and famous ebay postings. I'd be featured on Good Morning America, and the pads would sell for no less than $376.83. And once people all over the country heard about my crazy month that caused me to be so frazzled that I bought the wrong pads, there would be offers of free web hosting, web design, and new customers would be flocking to my site to buy stuff. Right? Right! I better get over to ebay post haste.....

Dollymama said...

I hear ya, Alana. However, none of her woes are fatal at this point. Everything is manageable without having to bend over backwards. She's a sweet dog that has had a hard life. I'd like to at least give her a safe, loving home to end her life in. If she gets to the point where she's suffering and can't be helped, we'll cross that bridge. Until then, we're just going to try to give her a loving home.