Friday, April 03, 2009

Birthday Season....and I Have Two Teenagers!

All of the birthdays at our house fall between March and August. Birthday Season is here. This week we've had two. Our fourth child turned 9 yesterday. He was our preemie (Story here). Our second child and only daughter turns 13 today. Now I have two teenagers, and will continue to have a minimum of two teenagers for the next 12 years. And we won't be "done" with teenagers for 14 years.

What I have to look forward to:

Two teenagers: 3 years
Three teenagers: 5 years
Four teenagers: 4 years

Another way to look at this:

I only have 2 years left to have 4 kids that are not teens.
I only have 7 years left before every one of my children is out of the little kid/pre-teen age.

Every birthday that goes by I see differently now. We're moving farther and farther away from the familiar, and closer to the unknown and everything beyond childhood. I'm not one to regret or fret about these things. It's exciting to see them growing up, I'm happier than ever to have my little "chicks" all gathered around me every day thanks to homeschooling. I enjoy seeing them grow up and hear more about that they're thinking about who they're becoming.

It's an exciting time, though bumpy every now and then. Life is good.

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Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to your birthday children! I have only teenagers after last week's birthday. Yikes!