Monday, February 09, 2009

Checking in to say hello

I've been thinking about you dear people that bother to come on over here every so often, mostly finding nothing new to read.

It's not that I don't love ya. I do. Life just doesn't seem to lend itself to blogging so much these days.

To pop in every couple of days to say "I'm busy and have nothing to report" isn't what I want to be doing here. (though, admittedly, I do that a fair bit nowadays)

In fact, I am busy. And I do have things to report. Some of the things I could report seem too loaded to mention. Some seem complex enough that it seems to lofty a goal right now to try to put words to it all. (though I'm reminded now that blogging used to be the way I'd unravel all the tangled up yarn of thoughts in my head and make some sort of sense of it all....)

I know some people fizzle out on blogging and feel compelled to have some big sign off post where inevitable their thousands of loyal readers will bemoan their change of heart and beg them not to go. I have no desire to make any declarations, no plans to stop having this blog even if I'm in a season that isn't all that blog-friendly, and have no delusions that anyone would have much to say about it even if I did decide to close up shop here.

Things I'm doing and learning these days:

Having a teenager is scary. I feel ill-equipped for the job at times. And knowing I have to go through it five more times gives me a new perspective on people who look horrified at the idea of having a lot of kids. I have a feeling though, that this is probably similar to my belief when I had a passel of roly poly puppies er, babies very close in age: If you can survive the hardest years, the long term benefits are great! My kids (even my teenager) are truly wonderful and bring me much joy, but knowing how high the stakes are when decisions (and mistakes) are being made is a sobering thing to live with.

Business is expanding, my knowledge base is expanding, but my time to implement new ideas, strategies, services, etc. is shrinking. I'm mostly ok with that, though the wheels in my brain are mostly churning away in the background, trying to figure out the answer to the puzzle so I can do more of the business things I would like to do even while managing to do the rest of the other things I do.

Homeschooling five kids is not that hard these days. Mostly it is quite enjoyable, though some days drag on into mind-numbing annoyance and I have to sweet talk myself through it to stay the course. It is mighty nice to be at a point where it doesn't feel oh-so-very-overwhelming.

I guess that's all for now. Signing off til whenever....
~Dolly Mama


ClutterControlFreak said...

Your list of crazy baby names had me rolling this morning - Thanks, That's just what I needed! :)

SiouxsieQ said...

I love all your posts. The End.