Monday, December 01, 2008


Last night my sister turned me on to Mexican Train Dominoes. As Pioneer Woman would say, "Lawsie, mercy!" I'm a goner now. How I will ever get a shred of normal stuff done, I do not know. Any member of my family of origin can tell you that I have a mighty strong tendency to get hooked onto games that require ordering and arranging cards, tiles, numbers, and so forth. From approximately 1983-1987 I spent all summer breaks, school breaks, weekends, and spare time holed up in my bedroom playing solitaire (with real cards, people!) over and over again. And I loved it.

Today, I have solitaire and backgammon on my pocket pc, and I usually play one or both of them every single night once I get into bed. (I often play them again first thing in the morning as well) I love games like that, and find it relaxing, I guess.

Mexican Train Dominoes is one more game in this genre that I love. Plus it's speedy (which is an additional thrill for me). What am I gonna do?!?!


Casie said...

Only from '82-'84? Somehow, I remember that "phase" lasting longer than that!

Anonymous said...

Dolly Mama fails to paint the whole picture of this "phase" - it was accompanied by a peach silky bathrobe and and towel wrapped around her head-for weeks at a time it seemed! Quite the site-a solitaire crazed teenager in this get up-at least I knew where she was and she turned out great-parents-don't despair-it will be alright!

Dollymama said...

OK, I adjusted the time frame. I was trying to leave space for the summer I worked at summer camp, and once I got jobs and was gone most of the time. :)

Mom, do we have any photos of me in the silky peach bathrobe? I loved that thing. So much more cool than the Tweety bird PJs and terry cloth bathrobes most girls had. I'd do it all over again!!