Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What the....?!

So lately I've noticed an odd trend. And it has to do with the word "niche." As in, "find your niche" or "niche market."

Although I have always thought that the commonly considered correct pronunciation of the word is 'nich,' for some reason there are people using the word that like to pretend they are part French, I guess, because they are pronouncing it 'neesh.'

I double checked with and found that 'nich' is indeed the "right way" to say the word. But what do you think? nich or neesh? I simply must know.


Mimi said...

My sister does that, she has two cutouts in her house that I'd call, well cutouts, that she calls "niches" Pronounced the faux French way. Even if I called them niches, I'd pronounce it correctly.

Drives me nuts. Drives my mom nuts too. We just smile and nod.

Amie said...

I always say "nich".